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A lifetime filled with creative ideas, dreams and wishes, but not able to fulfil them.
It took me about ten years to realize that I had to change my life if I wanted my dreams to come true. A tremendous amount of courage, thoughts, and decisions were needed before I could start to change my life and be the person I always wanted to be.
I was born in The Netherlands, but instead of being a native, I always felt more a world citizen.
During my childhood, I developed a different way of looking at things and was always changing images in my head.
My creativity helped me a lot during my working life in developing new strategies, thinking out of the box, and coming up with new ideas. However, it also made me cautious and reserved because changing takes time and sometimes it took years before people understood my vision.

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Exploring a new path to become a fine-art painter

After several landscapes, animals and portraits I became fascinated by still-life paintings

Moving towards more exciting compositions

Moving towards more exciting compositions and perspectives

Wide variety in Dutch traditional clothing

In my earlier paintings I have often used fabrics of different colors and types

Reaching out to South Korea

During my travels abroad I have always been interested in the culture.

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From the 18th of September 2021 are you able to visit my exposition "Equal in Diversity" in the museum of Hendrick Hamel.
The exposition exists of 20 oil paintings in which the connection between the Netherlands and South Korea is made.

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