From the 18th of September 2021 are you able to visit my exposition "Equal in Diversity" in the museum of Hendrick Hamel.

The exposition exists of 20 oil paintings in which the connection between the Netherlands and South Korea is made.

I have a predilection for foreign cultures, fabrics, traditional clothing, and materials.
These aspects are intertwined in the series "Equal in Diversity". Through the use of diptychs am I searching the broader connection between the Dutch and South Korean cultures. The Dutch culture connects traditional clothing to regions and cities, where as Korean traditional clothing comes forth from the era and respective dynasties.
All of these elements are highlighted in the paintings. At first glance, the differences between both cultures and traditions seem rather large. However, if you inspect further you notice that there are plenty of beautiful similarities. Even though the shape of decorations might be different, the function is often the same, it expresses a certain status. Just by looking at the way someone is dressed you can see if someone is married or is of a better socioeconomic background or is coming from a more simplistic way of life.

During the preparations of the series I discovered that South Korea is a beautiful and diverse country. Having seen such beautiful aspects of the country truly touched me.

Its people are open and respectful and have a rich culture, it is truly worthwile to learn more about this beautiful country.

The exposition will be available until the 31st of December 2021.

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