A lifetime filled with creative ideas, dreams and wishes, but not able to fulfil them.

It took me about ten years to realize that I had to change my life if I wanted my dreams to come true. A tremendous amount of courage, thoughts, and decisions were needed before I could start to change my life and be the person I always wanted to be.

I was born in The Netherlands, but instead of being a native, I always felt more a world citizen.

During my childhood, I developed a different way of looking at things and was always changing images in my head.

My creativity helped me a lot during my working life in developing new strategies, thinking out of the box, and coming up with new ideas. However, it also made me cautious and reserved because changing takes time and sometimes it took years before people understood my vision.

During my life I was able to regularly travel to different places worldwide and enjoying the feeling of freedom.

The variety of cultures, nature, people, colors, and patterns always fascinated me.

To calm down all the impulses in my head, I started to paint a few years ago. As a child, my drawing skills were very well developed, and after all these years, I realized that this talent was still there.

I felt a need to develop further and therefore followed a four-year education to become a “fine-art” painter.

I have now developed my style and create a global connection by reaching out to other countries, cultures, and ideas.

My new journey has begun.